The Delta Variant of the Corona Virus- How Fatal can it be?

We are almost finished with half of 2021, and the world is still dealing with the strains of the Corona Virus. Till now, the Delta strain of the Corona Virus is definitely the most transmissible strain and the most powerful.
About only 8% of people of India are vaccinated till now. With the Delta Variant arriving, the risk of it affecting dangerously to the unvaccinated population is the highest.

After a considerable decrease in the number of cases of the coronavirus, the numbers of the virus affected have started going up slightly. The Delta Variant was first seen in India. It has now started affected people of many parts of India, Nepal U.S. The Delta Variant has spread over to 132 countries according to WHO reports.

The delta variant has quite evidently shown up in America as the percentage of affective people rose up to 30% from 25%. Half a million new cases have been reported in the United States. The United States is followed by Brazil, then Indonesia, The United Kingdom, and lastly by India in the rise of New cases.


Variants of Covid-19

There are 4 variants of the Covid-19 virus, – 1) Alpha variant 2) Gamma 3) Beta and 4) The delta. The delta variant is the most deadly among the four and is the strongest. It is also said to be the last form of mutation for the Covid -19.
There haven’t been enough researches made till now, about the varients, but however, experts have said that the delta Variant has the power to overcome antibodies in the immune system which has developed due to being affected by the coronavirus, or by taking the vaccine.

One of the Traits of the Delta Variant is that it is said to target mostly young people. Delta Varient is twice as dangerous as the Alpha Variant. Delta variant will be more severe in low-vaccinated areas. So vaccination is very important. But Delta can even affect the vaccinated population.

The delta variant has chances of affecting even vaccinated people. But however, vaccinated people have lower chances of getting severe because of the variant. The symptom of the variant is quite the same as before- but however, the symptoms can come out bolder in the case of Delta and might be more effective in the respiratory tract.

As we see, that Delta poses a great threat to the world.

These are some things that we should do in order to fight The Delta transmission.

1)vaccinating the majority of the country’s population should be the topmost priority now, as that will prevent hospitalization and fatality rates.
2)Resuming the Lockdown rules in places that are not essentials.
3)Masks should still be maintained outdoors. Steps should be taken for people disobeying the rule of wearing Mask.
4)Even fully Vaccinated people should be wearing masks while stepping outside.
5)Sanitization, staying at home should be still maintained.

Everyone needs to be very cautious for the next few months before the Corona cases reach it’s peak again. This is the only and the best way to fight the strongest and probably the last variant of the corona Virus.

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